2018 Summer Saving Tips

You can save money throughout the year, yet the cozy temperature levels of summertime provide some approaches that simply do not apply in the winter season.

There are some apparent money-saving strategies that you’ve probably found out already– for example, you could spend your summer holiday camping in an attractive park rather than visiting an expensive city and staying in a costly hotel. But there are also some less drastic  strategies you could try this summer.

Cooking Outside

When you’re cooking dishes using the stove or baking in the oven, a huge amount of heat stays within the house. It may seem that there’s no problem with that, but if you keep your air conditioning turned on, it works uselessly. Think about cooking outside with the grill so you could keep your house cool. Moreover, you can easily turn your ordinary dinner into an enjoyable picnic or barbecue.

Drying Clothes Outside

If it’s possible to hang up laundry outside (not every residential property allows this), use this chance to save some money and let the sun and summertime breeze do the drying for you. You’ll be impressed at how fresh your bed linen, towels and clothes smell after it. Even if you can not hang up clothes outside, try utilizing your clothes dryer on a lower heat setup or only partially drying your clothes and letting them air dry under the method described above.

Rethinking Your Air Conditioning

Monitor the weather to ensure that you could make the most of your air conditioner’s effectiveness and save money using it only when needed. For example, if it is going to be a cool evening, switch off the air conditioner prior to going to bed and open windows for a night. Floor and ceiling fans can also cool you down on a hot summer day, consuming much less energy if you want to cut down on your electricity bills. If you think you cannot survive through sweltering heat, at least replace your air conditioner filters not to restrict the airflow.

Buying seasonal fruits and vegetables

When it comes to grocery buying you can have a look at the local farmers market and buy seasonal fruits and vegetables. Such food will definitely cost you less than any other period of the year. You could also pickle or dry them for winter or even start your own little herb and vegetable garden.  It’ll get you outside and motivate to eat healthy, and there’s no better investment that yourself. Finally, it will obviously save you a couple of bucks or more at the grocery store!

Turning Down The Water Heater

According to energy.gov, the typical family spends $400-600 on water heating each year. If you had your hot water heater’s temperature increased throughout the wintertime, now it’s time to set it a bit lower. Even decreasing your warm water usage can add to lower spending, like when washing the dishes. As for laundry, in most cases clothes can be washed in cool water, which could most definitely help you save on your energy bill this summer.

Whatever you do this summer season, saving money on bills and cutting out several of the unneeded spending in your life– although for 2 or 3 months– can bring impressive results. But if you face things like bounced checks, missed payments, and late fees – Check Advance Overdraft Service is here to help. Our payday loans can help you in a difficult financial situation and offer money you need quickly. Just contact us today, come to the office and get qualified within 30 minutes!

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