Don’t Let The Banks Deceive You

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Currently, almost everywhere you can notice a marketing proposal of banks on the availability and also simplicity of issuing a loan. Regardless of the alluring deal to provide a loan and also right away get the desired items or services, the decision to acquire a loan from the bank should be come close to with all responsibility and also care. Frequently, credit report ends up being a genuine trouble, and also consumers are forced to make ends meet, just to settle the next payment and also avoid bankruptcy. Why is this happening?

It may seem that bank clients always get full information on the loan agreement terms and understand what obligations they took on themselves. Practice shows that in many cases customers, even after finding out the amount of the monthly payment, are not all set to pay the remaining amount by the end of the period. Frequently this circumstance establishes with so-called annuity payments.

Annuity payments are equivalent monthly payments on a loan, computed according to the annuity formula. The significance of the annuity payment routine is that in the initial year (or years, depending upon the term of the loan), the principal part of the regular monthly settlement is interest on the loan agreement, and the amount of the principal debt (the loan body) is settled in a smaller amount or not is repaid in general and is payable in the last month of servicing the loan debt.

This is the way the bank protects itself from loss of interest in situation of default by the debtor of its obligations, along with in situation of early repayment of the loan. In addition, the bank is more profitable such payments in terms of income. Let’s have a look at the example of calculating the amount of debt on the basis of annuity and differentiated payment.

For example, you took a $1000 loan for 2 years at 15% per annum with monthly repayments on the last day of the month. When it comes to annuity settlements, you will certainly pay the same amount, while the composition of payments will change. For the entire period of the loan, your overpayment on rate of interest will certainly be big, especially if to take into account one-time and monthly commissions, and insurance.

In case of differentiated payments on the same conditions of the loan agreement, the first settlement will include the principal amount and the interest. With further loan servicing, the amount of debt on the principal debt will decrease, and consequently, interest payments will also decrease. For the entire duration of the loan, your overpayment on interest will certainly be less as compared to the previous one.

Many people, not diving into the essence of annuity payments, are after that surprised that by the end of the loan term there is a relatively big amount– the balance of the debt on the principal debt (this remains in the instance of regular monthly repayment of debt only on interest). That is why, you should very carefully research the payment schedule for the loan and also pay attention to the amount of repayment in the last month of loan servicing.

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