Entertain This Summer and Spend Less!

There’s nothing better than having friends over during the summer months to catch up, enjoy the weather and eat good food! But footing the whole bill yourself can become quite cost prohibitive! We have come up with some ways to still have these get togethers while maintaining your grocery budget for the month!

Have a Potluck

The most common is to have a pot-luck. This makes the financial burden much smaller for you, as well as minimizes the workload. There’s still some organizing required, but not as many dishes! To have a successful potluck you should:

  • Make a “menu.” You can use an online forum, or communicate via e-mail or phone, but everyone should choose a “course” to bring. That way you don’t end up with 4 different pasta salads and no entree. Some examples would be snacks, main dish, salad, dessert, beverages, etc.
  • Decide if you want the party to be BYOB or not, and disclose that from the beginning so you aren’t left scrambling at the end to find something for everyone to drink.

Host a Brunch

Breakfast food is significantly less expensive to prepare than other meals. Eggs, toast, pancakes, the possibilities are endless!

Desserts Only

Who doesn’t love dessert? Have everyone bring a dessert and even appetizers if you want more food. A cheap and delicious get together!


Summer is the time for get togethers and friends, but it shouldn’t break the bank!

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